Monday, March 22, 2010

Vacation: Day One 3/22 What the...?

Got off to start a vacation this week. I don't need to go to Bermuda or something like that. Rained. Water was clear too probably 4'.

Fish came off boulders in slackwater in winter holes. Started with a tube, thought I saw some movement below which wasn't a good sign- they didn't want the tube.

Went with Fnf- braid-snap- mono loop-leader-fly jig. Sucked to cast. Fly drifted past a big boulder and sunk. Great fight zig-zagging everywhere. 17".

Later, off another drift and boulder, a 15"SMB. Then a 12"

Hopscotched spots and got a real workout chugging to hit as many as I could. Water was clear and lower than I liked for smallies to be in some of the spots. Caught a chunky 13"er at one.

Was planning on hitting the mother load at this next spot. I was working the spot within the spot when the float moved. I set hook lightly and an enormous head poked up. Crap! this was going to spook out the best hole. Worst, I was up some high bank. The carp looked enormous, but I had basically kept it from getting in the current. I had to get around the sycamore and to the low ground below. While keeping pressure on the stupid fish, I handed myself the rod around the first trunk of the tree. I climbed up and down the middle onto the roots and into the water. Hook was clearly in that flab tissue called a mouth. I beached the fish as it fought like a sack of potatoes. Heaved it up on the bank for a photo... and 'recessitate' it . 30"+ :shock:

Thought I could have fisted this mouth, but I don't like touching them:

Got a great cardio workout walking to and fro various winter holes. Either bass were spread out, or catching one in clear water spooked the others. It was pretty much one and done at most spots.

Got this nice 16", which appeared to be female and fought like crazy. Out performed the carp, that's for sure.

6 SMB (17",16",15",2-13", 12") 1 Massive creek carp all on float and fly.


  1. BT,

    Good hard working report. I also walk some distance to get to certain areas. I even bring snips to cut brush. Good cardio workout.

    Ugly carp.

    I can see how clear the stream is just in the background. The only time I like clarity near that is fall. Bass otherwise get way too spooky.

    Instead of the tube, a 3" thin finesse worm might have worked in that clear cold front condition. I'm not much on the FNF.

    I got out over last weekend, I put a quick report up on Riversmallies.

    I have a small Canon SD780 point and shoot with HD 720 video. I might try shooting some small clips of certain areas where I can pick up a few bass. Then edit them together and upload them somewhere. I don't want to make a big process out of it though. I like the simple approach.


  2. I was just thinking about cutting some of those damned green pricker vines. Those kill a lot of waders.

    Good report on RS. Still waiting for things to turn on. I had three times as many fish at this time last year. Still, it has been satisfying. Just not good numbers yet. We'll see what happens this week.

    3" worm? Like a Jack's worm, centipede, or Senko? I have just never enjoyed fishing finesse worms. Some guys will throw a jig with rabbit hair in the shape of a worm. Maybe next winter. I have another rod coming that will be great for 1/8 jigs and light line.

    You had to sight fish for slow water you couldn't see bottom in. With 4' of vis. That wasn't many places. Luckily, I picked a few off large boulders with FnF.

    Contending with clear water and sun may be the biggest challenge in smallie fishing here. The fish go deep and under stuff.