Monday, April 21, 2008

4/21/08 Spring Smallmouth wade

Went out to Russtyland again and hit the same stretch I caught my personal best 21.5" Creek SMB last Fall.

Kept throwing the bandit 200 in orange craw. When I lost it, I went to a team diawa peanut deep diver in spring craw pattern with some gammies thrown on. First two fish were on crank around 15" each, then 3 more on a tube next to a laydown, largest 16". Moved up and caught another 15.5 in a featureless inside bend. Hit another small bend and caught another 14"er and then 3 more around 12". Two more 12"ers on tubes in the next small pool. Nabbed a couple dinks at the next pool tube and crank each.

Bass didn't want Clatter BT in white or brown today, but I did get some hits from small fish on the firetiger job.

Stream was kind of neat because it had different channels funneling water in different areas creating seems for fish to lay in. Found one fish in inches of water in the middle of a riffle. Got another 15 on a tube off a giant midriver boulder. The creek had plenty of rock as current breaks. Finally made it to the pool where I had gotten the 21.5 last year, caught a 14 and a 12 on a tube but no pigs. I was at 21 SMB and two large slab Googs when I made a 25 yard cast that seemed to connect fast with a large fish. Didn't take long, fish hit the FT Clatter B on the drop, fought like crazy in the push water and got beached at about 18". Bridge was just around the corner so I walked up the road and back to my car. Good enough.

Nice to have another numbers day, the smaller fish are now active! Many fish were caught near current today on the featureless slower inside bends.

22 SMB (18, 16, 4 15-15.5) 2 RB in 6 hours

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