Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big Pre Spawn 21" Smallmouth Hawg! 4/9/08 Jerkbite

Hit water before sun came out of the clouds today. Started throwing a Pointer 100 in Misty Shad. Jerk, Jerk, p-a-u-s-e, Jerk, Jerk, p-a-u-s-e..thunk zzzz-zzzzzzz-zzzzzz-zzzzzz-zzzz:

Very surprised when I measured this fish to 21". WOW. Wow. Couldn't believe it.

Had a bunch of hits on the LC Pointer 100. Actually saw several fish miss it by grabbing it where the hooks weren't. Later got a 16 and a 13 on the jerk. The 13"er hit the bait after I let it sit 15 seconds on touchdown. Tried to downsize when I saw three smallies strike the bait. Picked up another dink on flashminnow 95. Wished I had a popper today as several chubs or shad got blasted on top.

3/3 on tubes including a 16"er. All were near slow water areas. Water was still up and pumping. When sun came out vis was 2.5'.

Thinking of dropping the Pointer 78 entirely, the 100 can be worked up in the water column by keeping the rod tip up. 3rd 20"+ I've caught on this bait in limited use....

BT 7 SMB (21, 2 16) 1 16" Quilback sucker (snagged) in about 3.5 hours.


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