Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chatter Action 4/3/08

Got a 12"er on tube at my feet by the brush in the water( blue X) as the eddy swirled back upstream.

Produced 17"er on White Clatter-B out of the front third middle of the slot you see (yellow X).

Dropped chatter off the rootwad inches from shore (red X), popped it once and it got hit by a big fish, who came to hand and measured 19.5"

Moved up a mile and a half and found a slot on the left:

Hit this pocket behind rootstump(causing 'v'):

16.5"er thunked the chatter in the middle of the pool.

Walked all the way back and lost a fish on 1/4 oz tube in the first spot (light green X). Visibility was about a foot and water was still very high, all fish were very close to shore and came working parallel to the shore.

BT 4 SMB (19.5", 17" ,16.5")

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