Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chatterbait Craziness 04/26/08

Mike and I got on the water about 10am. Excited by the cloudy skies and colder temps forcasted. We both caught fish at the put in point, Mike on a white spinner bait and me on White Clatter B. We duplicated and got our first double of the day just a short ways upstream.

I got a 15" on Clatter in heavy current and it was followed by about 4 other bass. One of which basically sat 4 feet from me and watched me dehook his bro'. The whole day I saw this happen again and again. We'd catch a fish and have up to 6 other fish following. Didn't seem like they were trying to steal the bait like often happens in summer months. Just schooling up. We couldn't get any of the others to bite during the fight or after. Odd.

It was an all White Clatter B day for me. I caught all my fish on the bait. Cranks weren't bit, tubes I barely tried because the Clatter produced. Mike dropped the spinnerbait and started throwing a Firetiger Clatter-B. It was windy and we needed the 3/8 oz bait to get distance with the clear water and loud gravel spooking fish. We were able to make long accurate casts in the wind when cranks and spinnerbaits got thrown off target.

We saw signs of some fish waiting on beds and steered cleer. Most of our bass were caught near fast current and later tight to cover as the sun came out.

Early in the day fish were shallow in and near current but as the front came in and sun peaked we had to work very close to cover. Many smallies were caught dropping off of wood or dragging over rocks in current

Mike busted out to an 11-10 lead as I was playing in the snags. He even busted out some flukes and caught a couple. We weren't really throwing for dinks with our big baits today. We both missed plenty o' tail pullers. The walk wore us both down a bit and I caught up.

We saw a couple of big bass,one as we walked up in a riffle. Couple good ones managed to get off.

Between the two of us we caught 40 bass- maybe 4 less than 12" with most 13"+ We had at least 2 doubles.

On the walk back we threw WBZ for a few minutes, Mike caught a dink on WBZ. First topwater of the year.

BT 25 24 SMB 1 KY (17.5,17, 16.75, 2 16.5, 16.25", 16, 3 15")
MC 15 SMB ( 16 4-5 15-16")

Here's the biggest fattest fish of the day that was caught in full current. Belly full of eggs.

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