Sunday, April 6, 2008

High Water Spring 20"+ Piggy 4/6/08

Got out to hit the warming dropping creeks. Sun and 67 in the forcast for once. It has been rediculously gray and cool so far this year.

Hit the water by 11, it was higher and faster than I thought it would be. Fish would be hugging banks again or hopefully I could find some good slots. I had only fished this stretch in warmer months.

First couple hours- nothing.

Beginnning to despair, knack for finding the right spot hit me in the tube. I had pitched a tube down at my feet off some riprap that created some slack right next to the blasting main current. Thunk! I pulled the fish up and she belly walked quite a bit I was sliding down the muddy bank towards the water while trying to keep the line off the nearby wood. Turned out to be quite the fight to beach her without the runs or leaping. Measured 20.25".

A few casts later I grabbed this 17.5 on a tube off the upstreasm swirl in the eddy.

Got a 15"er on chatterbait at the next slot. Had a couple fish grab the bait today and not get hooked one was a good fish the other I saw take it in from below, never touching the hook.

Caught 2/3 Smallies on tubes from there on out. Alot of bank pitching and few places to cross to get to the slower water areas. I must have spent half my time climbing and walking as opposed to casting and working a lure today.

5 SMB (20.25, 17.5, 15)

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