Monday, August 18, 2008

Best is yet to come- Late Summer/Fall 2008

Fear not Indiana Stream angler! As we work our way through an inexplicably mediocre month of August 2008 river and creek smallie fishing, a glimmer of hope is on the horizon. September!

Last year, September was a balmy 5.13 SMB per hour over 13 trips.

In looking over my log stats for 2007, I noticed that even though I am only at 2.31 SMB per hour in 2008. June 2008 (3.5 SPH) and July 2008 (3.35 SPH) actually improved over 2007 (2.97 and 3.25 SPH respectively). I had been assuming the fish per hour rate was down due to a poor August. It really may be a factor of including year long stats including December, January, February, March, and April. I experimented heavily with fishing high flows when I could and it payed off in big fish.

The appearance of plenty of nice big fish has kept things interesting for me personally. Again I thought I was behind 2007's pace on huge 20"+ SMB. Now that I have hit 2 monsters the last 4-5 times out. I have until the end of August to pull ahead of last year's pace.

Problem is, without totally neglecting my family, I won't be able to keep the number of trips up there.

As a connoisseur of Stream Smallmouth Bass, I sure would like my fine wine pulled out of the wood with buzzbaits. I want huge blowups on Sammytime again. I want fish to nail craftily worked flukes. I'll settle for a 21.5" and 20.25" SMB in the last 2 weeks on tubes.

I want 10-15 17" fish days again.... Hehe.

Damn, I love this hobby.

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