Sunday, August 10, 2008

Microflow smallmouth

Sunday I got out of the house and to a small stream. I knew I had a shortness of time (4 hours). So decided to fish a creek, I haven't caught any fish out of this year. There is never an area I cannot cast across. It has plenty of wood laydown both fresh and old. Mostly shallow. Filled with large baitfish.

The wade up would be past a collection of trailer type homes along the creek.

I was jittery from 2 Pepsi Max and the houses righton this small creek made it feel like I was walking through someone's backyard. At one point, I could hear a man and woman screaming blood curdling murder at each other.

Got a nice fat 14"er and 2 others about 11-12" on tube and one on buzzbait. Had some problems losing some fish hooked near current then went through a long stretch of houses and nothing but Rock bass. Culminating on the bank lined with 4 rods unattended.

Finally skipped out the trailer area and found working a tube slow was the ticket. Got a 16", 11" and couple more Rock bass near deep water and willows. Hit my target right angle bend pool where the riffle drops off deep quick, got two on tube and one on chatter there 11-13". Above the riffle was a laydown across the creek and some low hanging branches. I pulled a 15.5" out from under the low hanging branches by skipping carefully under, then to the other side a 16"er.

Ended up with 12 SMB (2-16, 15.5")5 Goggle Eye in 3 hours 45 minutes.

Things started out bad as my tubes werte hanging on everything. Finally found some catchable fish and made them pay.

Great to get on a micro flow again.

I've got to do more of this minus the trailer park.

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