Friday, October 15, 2010

15mm Stalingrad


  1. I see the stream in the third and fifth picture but no miniature BT wading it... :)

    Did you do all this yourself? If so impressive!

  2. Yep, been into wargaming in various types since I was 14...

    Fascinated by the massiveness of Eastern Front WWII. The largest conflict in the history of mankind on its own.

    Since I have considerable terrain skills I was thinking of making some 3d stream sections complete with riffles, runs, holes, push water, root wads, smallies, buffer strips to display at INSA booths. People always respond better to visual 3d than the spoken word.

  3. Table is modular and everything can be switched around for different scenarios.

  4. Very cool! I had fun little nature preserve going at around 11 but not to that level...

    I think a 3D model would be a great idea!!! If you had the time etc you could make 2 models. One of a healthy stream and one of a channelized unhealthy stream. Perhaps some small blurbs about the differences etc. If you really wanted to get crazy... I was at the Mississippi River museum earlier this year and they had river table with flowing water and were showing how silt gets deposited in an unhealthy system. Pretty neat.