Tuesday, October 5, 2010

River Smallies, where have you gone? See: What is your favorite color tube?

Riversmallies.com is gone. Hail the King, the King is dead.

For years, Riversmallies.com was the place on the internet for smallmouth anglers to gather and converse about their favorite smallmouth bass. A place to learn other's opinions on smallmouth fishing, schedule camping and fishing events on the east coast and midwest.

The site popularized river smallmouth fishing and did it a favor promoting CPR (Catch, Photo, Release). A place to gather and voice environmental concerns affecting your rivers and the brown fish therein. The cutting edge of river bass fishing tackle and gear, best techniques, most problematic rods, lures and reels all discussions tackled. The site popularized river kayak fishing, launching a mini industry that is just now coming into its own.

Some great fishermen and great guys, as well as some not so great. Isn't that just life?

Truly sad to see it go. Who will carry the CPR torch into the next generation?

Sleep tight.


  1. Check out


    Many of the Riversmallies guys have gone there

  2. Looks like they are making a comeback. That's what there sight says.