Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crawfish color in Indiana

I always wondered about crawfish color. It seems we see a lot of orange clawed craws in fish gullets, regurgitated during a fight with a smallmouth bass. Fish attempts to regurgitate hook in its mouth by emptying contents of its stomach.

I have never seen an orange crawfish in the water in Indiana. Craws come in many colors. 

 I got to thinking how shrimp turn orange after you cook them. They are typically gray and then change color. A nice doneness test when cooking! Could it be fish's stomach acid 'cooking' the craws like we do in our pots?

Which crawdad species have you seen?

Sloan's Crawfish

Devil Crawfish
Digger Crawfish
Calico Crawfish
Ghost Crawfish
Northern Clearwater Crawfish
Rusty Crawfish
White River Crawfish
Prarie Crawfish

Red Swamp Crawfish

Virile Crawfish
Indiana Crawfish


  1. So I have to bring all those different color tubes or twin tail grubs next time I come fish Indiana waters... :):)

    Interesting. How many of those have you come across?

  2. Not entirely sure, Kevin. After studying it a little, I'll pay closer attention from now on.

    I see a lot of Devil, Prarie, or Calico. Reddish with blue and light pale green under. Don't know which one for sure.

    Virile Craw looks very familiar.

    Indiana and Rusty look like a craw ought to in my mind. Don't know whether it is because I have seen them though.

    Promise to take a better look...