Thursday, October 7, 2010

Safe to go in the water?


  1. BT,

    Some great posts with photos and reports for you over the last couple months. The fall bite is picking up here.

    I started fishing more in Sept., with very slow mixed results. Pretty typical late summer. As water temps and shorter daylight hours have come down, the bite is coming around. Water temps were 61 until this warming trend.

    Bass in early Sept. wanted very fast moving baits, the real topwater bite isn't here yet. There has been some shad chasing, but nothing extreme. The last week or so, I have had a good super fluke bite. Clarity has been good with the grass and moss getting worse.

    Anyway, keep up the reports. Even if brief.

    Mark J.

  2. Thanks Mark, heard tale of spinnerbait bite, that could be interesting, so I am going north to a stream I have not fished this year. It is capable of some insane days, but tends to get algae stain in Summer. Never a better time than tomorrow.

    Got some 4.5" swimbaits to throw for a laugh.