Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some reports meld together

I'm still fishing. Low, clear water. Chuck this topwater or that topwater a long way. Guage fish reaction. Find lure that illicits the most response. This has been the pattern for 2 months.

Saturday was the worst day I've had since going south to Kentucky in July. Buzzbaits early caught a couple. By afternoon bass were slapping and missing Sammy 100. MC and I tried out a Sammy 65 and started catching everything in the river. Ended up with 28 smallies together with about 3 in the 15-15.5" range in 8 hours. Nothing epic.

Previous weekend saw Sammy 100 bite to the east, bunch of 14-16" chunky smb.

The day after was a lack of pattern bite until I hit the best water. Got an absolute pig 18.5 on a Kelly J Prop bait, 21 in about 5 hours.

Truly has been a great year of fishing as I close in on 1400 Smallies in under 350 hours. Since May, Smallmouth fishing has been on fire. Plenty of 15-17", 20"+ bass, but far less 18-19" than usual. Really more than anything is the lack of enjoyable places to fish with any water in them!

Might be done for a while. It is just getting a little boring. (Did I say that?) Maybe if it rains a bunch.


  1. I hit that "meh I'll do something else" point a couple weeks ago. I get there every year at some point. Will be fired up and ready to go after that first snowfall...


  2. There's always ice fishing in a few months. ;)

  3. At least you are fishing! I'm mainly a trout man although I do my share of bass fishing. The season for the most part is over here and that makes me sad.

    Nice blog by the way.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. Ice fishing for perch and walleyes would be nice. Sadly we have no ice or perch, but plenty of creeks to fish when it is in the single digits.