Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mike Hits a Nice Tippy Bass

MC and I did a float of the Tippecanoe river on Saturday. Started out awesome with MC hitting a thug 20.5" smallie:
Then, not so awesome. Our 9+ mile float was 50%+ wind coming upstream as we floated downstream. Those are upstream waves in the picture! Oh, did I mention we forgot our anchors and people were leaf blowing straight in the river?
Best I could do was 3 13"ers and 3 dinks and a Drum. Mike got 4 and a drum. Brutal. Sometimes you take your lumps. It certainly was worth it for the one nice bass. It happened very early, so there was a lot of paddling and not really effectively touching most of the fishable water on the float. Boat position was a big problem.

I can officially say I hate fishing out of a kayak. I like to be on my feet so much better. Most of my worst times fishing have been in the seat of a kayak. Sure there have been some great times. Drifting mostly sucks.

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