Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Transition is here!

Looks like run and gun summer fun is over. The colder overnight temps to go with the low volume of water in most rivers and creeks is leading to a late bite. Leaves in the water column rotting and floating, making only a few presentations presentable and many creeks are looking like a clear coffee. So, in combination with the streams that have no water. We now have those completely choked with leaves. Options being to drive an hour + to a larger flowing river to find it ice cold have me out in the cold.

Funny how stream fishing is, if we had any water to hold some of the heat in, the daytime temps are more than enough for some solid action.

Rain has been more regular recently. It would take a deluge to catch back up.

Like soup without much broth. More broth the bits and pieces move around some.

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