Thursday, December 18, 2014

25 Degree Smallmouth 12/17/14

5th interview on Thursday, I set out to sow my Winter fish seed some more, before my time is taken up. 25 degrees. Water should still be warm from several days of 40's. I wanted to hit something I hadn't in a long time. I walked through the woods to a nice beaver hole. The wood on the inside bend was no longer there, but the deep (8') hole was. Caught a couple free lining on the back eddy with my 1/16th oz minnow head hair jig. One was short of 15". That was it. Too many leaves on the drop made presentation tough. I knew they were on a back eddy drop off, but that pile of leaves foiled repeated presentations. I mostly stayed warm. Another gray day, at times cold wind kicked up and I was glad I had sought a wooded stretch or the wind would have been much worse. Tried the eddy on the other side of 'beaver hole' to no avail.

Classic beaver hole report with JB: [url][/url]

Not far above beaver hole is a choke point that causes an eddy to one side. I did a Hail Mary Float and Fly cast 25 yards to the still spot in the eddy. It dunked and a 14" came to hand. Nothing more for a while, so I started free lining. A dink then an 18.25" came off a near shore log. Catching at least one fish in the 18"+ range really helps me feel like the trip was a success, fires me up for a couple more, I begin to put together a hole hop que in my head, budget the time to do so, etc... Depends on the rate of catch and presentation speed.

3 spots fished and one more bass. I hit another and things get interesting. I find the school with a drift, then move to free lining the small hair jig. 7 more bass to hand including the below 17" and a 16". The last 2 bass pull free as my guides are ice and my reel is ice and my hands are ice and my feet are ice. Gear failure.

13 SMB- (18.25", 17", 16")

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