Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back for another look 4/18

Sometimes initial success or failure can lead me to incorrectly believe a stream or river fishes a certain way. I returned to creek 1 from April 12th today. Creek 1 is a shallow dynamic stream with plenty of twists and turns. It lined by wooded hills, shale banks, bedrock bottoms, and spectacular collection of different rock. Sadly I know little about them. Have to change that at some point.

Got going about 9am and finally started catching fish at 10:30-11:00. Not too much action and no real size, now I don't know what to think. Flukes, tubes, and crankbaits.

Nice rock outcroppings. Saw a turkey up near the top on the left:

Here is the largest deepest pool I ran across that should have been filled with fish or lacking that a fish. Nada

I'll hit it again with low water and see what topwater has to say about this creek's smallmouth bass numbers. Water was almost crystal clear.


  1. Nice photos, and a healthy looking bass too. Those sure were some plump greenies you had in a recent post. They must have all the food they can stand in that ditch.

  2. Jim's doing. He's great at finding places to fish. Like an extra set of eyes.

    Retention ponds attached together by ditches. The drains are connected to a creek that sometimes overflows. Fish were never stocked in there. Now filled with crappie, lots of shad, and big largemouth bass.

    I find pond fishing kind of dull. Cast a parallel a couple feet from shore, rinse repeat until you've walked all the way around then repeat. The low visibility ment the LM would sit right on the banks.