Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Offering from the River Gods.

So we're out on a stream somewhere and "K" is having a time with his flyrod and wind. A walk back to the car to retrieve a spinning rod is a mile to get back. We decide to go up to an upstream bend, when K nearly steps on a full rod and reel combo complete with line laying in the river. LMAO. Next thing I know it's operating . Then he's catching fish on Swamp Thing's rig........

The ah, spool wouldn't oscillate:

After thanking the river for it's gift, the river swallowed it back up.


  1. Great Story. What kind of rod and reel was it?

  2. Would you believe an Ugly stick and 'Tourney' spinning reel?

  3. Good story BT - would you allow me to link your blog from mine?