Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hot Date with an Aqua Seal Tube

Recently, my breathable waders have developed leaks. I've been slowly filling up my wading boots with water. Now I am very resistant to cold, wet, and hot. Wet feet sucks. Enough is enough. I tried a pair of Mike's breathables that also leaked.

Finally, broke down over the weekend and bought aqua seal with accelerator. Pretty much took half the weekend and they are ugly as all hell. Pinhole leaks, small tears, and wearing seams. Hopefully, got them all

The waders take a beating in the walks through the woods to wintering holes. Those green pricker branches, Hawthorne trees, rose bushes, barbed wire...well you get the picture.

So the two pairs are ready for testing. Since I opened the tube of AS, I might as well try and fix my neoprenes and 2007 breathables- that's a project.


  1. I have a pair of Albright breathables that have a double layer of material from ankle to just above the knee and in the seat. This second layer is actually separate from the first so it can get torn etc. and you're still dry. They are kind of hot for breathables, but they survived last season and are doing well so far this year. Might want to check them out.

  2. I do try to avoid these sharp obstructions. Sometimes you get in fishhog mode and need to get to the next spot. Then there's being in the woods at night.MOstly it's just the wear and tear of traveling a few hundred miles a year in a pair of waders.

    Couple pairs I have have the double material in front of the knees. Most of the holes have been in the hip area and seams along the femur.

    I'll check those out. Thanks for the tip.