Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spro Swimbait for Smallmouth Bass?

Picked up one of these 4" Spro slow sinking swimbaits to fish in those large featureless pools for big smallies. Checked the action in a pond. Sinks slightly faster than advertised, has a sweet swimming action, rises a bit too much for my tastes, would also make a great wake bait.Going to add a suspend dot or two to the nose to get it to stay down. We'll see. Excited about this lure.

Going to throw it on my medium 6'8" spinning rod even though at about an ounce it is overweighted. It lands like a brick.


  1. I was hoping the reports of it rising too fast were exaggerated, oh well. Could always just stick your rod tip down in the water to keep it down on a faster retrieve if the water is deep enough.

    That's the problem with the whole swimbait craze with regards to smallmouth here in Indiana. Even though I think you could catch some hogs on some of the 5" and 6" lures, what fun would it be on a swimbait stick rated up to 5oz lures and up to 25lb mono line? Even a 5 or 6 pound smallie would probably just get hydroplaned across the top of the water as you winch her in with a rig like that.

  2. Jeremy-The odd man out of the three seems to be the floater. The slow sink can do what the floater can do.

    Almost seems like the bait needed a lip....

    I am not getting a rod to specifically throw this bait until it proves itself.

    Man I know some places that will love this thing.

    Pain to cast a lot in testing.

  3. Jeremy - Just took some time to visit your blog. Very, Very nice! I love fishing for Smallmouth Bass, but, don't quite have as much opportunity in my area of Idaho as you it seems. I have taken the liberty to add your blog link to mine at Idaho Fishing Notebook. Would you consider a link to my blog?