Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chatterfizzle 4/1/2009: Another Couple Pig Smallmouth bass

Got on the stream by 11:30am to find it a green stain with visibility about 2'. The sun was warming things up nicely. I had to know if fish were still up in Riffleville feeding.

Because of the stain, I thought I'd try a white chatterbait of my own making. On the third cast, the bait stopped as if hit by a freight train. I was casually casting into some shallower, steep run on the way to my riffle when the fish hit. It dogged me in current, but was hooked solid. I finally landed the fish, it was another 20 1/4" smallmouth bass!

When I finally got to the head of the riffle/riprap, I quickly nabbed another 15.5"er on the chatterbait when it fell down a dropoff in direct current. I tossed a tube into a nearby swirling eddie and got bit 7 times landing 6 fish 13-15.75". The second was this 19"er. The fish was followed to me by another large fish. Funny, the bass ignored my crankbait tosses inbetween fish.

I waded upstream with the chatter hitting a couple 16"ers off a fast current seam. 2 more smallmouth off a laydown. When I moved above the hole, I hit 4 in 4 casts on the white chatterbait 13-14" a total of 5 from that spot.

The rest of the wade the sun came out and bass would only hit tubes. All the fish landed were in the 13-14" range. Seemed like the bite died down when sun got overhead, so I left. Not one dink, everything was 13" or more. They were tearing up the chatterbait with stained water.

4 hours 19 SMB (20.25", 19", 2-16", 3 15-15-.75")


  1. Nice! What size was the chatterbait?

  2. Wow! Excellent day! You must have gotten enough rain to stain the water a bit, but not so much to prevent wading. We're shut down on wading for now, but it's dropping. I think the rain will help.

  3. 3/8 oz chatterbait, BP. The 1/4 doesn't get down good enough, the 1/2 is a little to heavy for my rod blank. I do like to color the ends of the yum boogie tail red or orange.

    Mostly got about a 1/4" of rain across my range, which would not be the top third of the state