Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What has it got in its pocketses? Spring version.

Here's most of the contents of my spring stream fishing vest (clicky-clicky for blow up):

Most important item in the fishing vest:

Impending spawn and soon to follow topwater season have me switching out the old guard and bringing in the gunslingers:

Jerkbaits, odd colors, seldom thrown baits, and duplicate crankbaits are mothballed:

On their way in:

Add to the above waterproof camera, hat, polarized sunglasses and a couple of snacks.

Some people like to travel lighter. I don't regret carrying what I do. Each thing has it's valued uses. Except maybe the senkos and mono. I do have to add some weight to the back of the vest for counterbalance.

As Summer approaches and the crankbait bite goes away, the crankbaits get mostly rotated out.


  1. I'll be interested in reports on the propdarter; haven't heard much about them.

    Given the style, should be pretty successful based on what I've read about the Shimano Triple Impact and Deps Buzzjet, which are both similar (at least in concept) lures that seem to work well (at least on greenies).

  2. My license looks about like yours.

    You carry more crap than the typical fly fisherman. That's impressive.

  3. What else has it got in it's pocketses? Has it got my precious?

    I'm suprised you dump the cranks come summer. I get a decent bite going on cranks.

    How do the wally world fluke hooks hold up? Do they hold a point?

    (kevin isa)

  4. On a similar not regarding those red fluke hooks, how do you like the weight placement? I find myself preferring hooks with the weight closer to the bend.

  5. Wallyworld weighted fluke hooks are $1.99 for 5. They work great. Have to sharpen from time to time. Crimp with multitool and slide the lead where I need it.

    Water in Indiana gets so low in summer, crankbaits rarely work- algae + little current. Fishing 3' or less 95% of the time. Topwaters like buzzbaits, prop baits, and WTD lures usually crush cranks head to head.

    Propdarter I got cheap on ebay to try it out. I can't see it being better than the SPT 90, but I own it.

    We are fast approaching topwater season. Caught a 10" rock bass on a wolkabuzz today.

    Counted over 20 beds in one pool. Small fish guarding them was a shocker. Turned and went home. Going to try to give them a week off.

  6. MD- yeah. It's a lot of stuff. Truthfully, I could cut down. Not in what I carry, but in the amount.I could carry only 5 or 6 tubes of a different color. Jigheads, fluke hooks all too many. Frankly, I've run out of places to keep little odds and ends like that. I'd rather carry a little extra of each than lose my last one when the bite is hot.

    I used to have access to a laminator. Now I print out a half dozen licenses.

    Mike C is insane. I swear he carries twice as much stuff as me.