Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dog Walk Pig 4/22

Took Wendy out for a trot along a small creek for about an hour and a half this afternoon. By small, I mean less than 20cfs in Spring. She loves this kind of thing. Woods aren't too prickely or nasty yet. Brought my rod, a couple tubes with bright red tails, spinnerbait, and a crankbait.

Got this 14.5" fish on a RC LC 1.5 below a kind of dam. Trying to take more interesting shots:

Moved up to a rip rap area. This spot is key to this whole stretch being worth fishing. It is a 60-70 feet of broken sidewalk dumped in the creek to prevent bank erosion on the adjacent farmland. The rip rap creates homes for crawdads and smallmouth bass to hide as well as a couple slack portions of the pool that are prefect for spawning (we are getting closer). Home, depth, food, beds, shade. Perfect.

Wendy didn't like the uneven rock, so for once, didn't jump right in the creek. I made the world's worst cast ever over the top of a couple pricker branches that extended over the slack corner. My tube got immediately struck. Resulting in this embarrassing mess:

Managed to get the line to snap. Poor smallmouth has a tube stuck in his mouth. Uff. Next cast I skip the tube under the branches and hit another 15"er.

Working my tube back next to current up in the mid water column when a big fish jets out from under a sidewalk panel and nails my tube 4-5' from me! What a fight! Plucked the monster out of the water. Wendy was impressed.


  1. About a half inch shy of 20. Out of that tiny creek, I consider it my surprise of the year so far.