Wednesday, June 20, 2007

6/20 6/21

Fished today with Riff-Raff on the stretch below kayaking Omish. The water was mostly empty as the sun was high beading down on us and the water. Didn't get much above knee deep for the first mile except for one good hole I'd guess Matt, Manash, and Lance might know something about.

I got a fish on a popper, then a disgusting 15.5"er on a tube that had black spots and half his tail missing or it might have went 16". Didn't fight well at all and came off impossible cover- off rootwad behind current seem behind downed tree and under branches.

Jim was throwing a chatterbait a lot and a tube as well at times. He caught a couple of fish one from a ridiculous spot- in full blasting current under a log that seemed like it might have 6" of water to its name.

I was having trouble with a newly lined reel, but managed to put a perfect WBz cast infront of a downed log that was smashed by a 16" fish. When I went over and looked the fish had come out of a tiny crack of space under the log in about a 1' of water . That and one other fish were pretty much it for me for 4 hours.

Jim caught 3 fish on cranks at the front of a deep pool. A largemouth and I missed tons of dinks on the WBZ.

Was just about to cry like a sissy when a fish hit a tube at the end of downed log and deep rootwad bend.

Fought like crazy. Went 17+".

It was fattt. Compare it to a fish I caught the day before on another stream: Yes, I am pooping.

Jim caught this fish on chatterbait 16"

Jim had 14 Smallies (16") and a LMB

I had 9 (17", 16", 15.5") and a Goog.

Worn out and a little buzzed from 1.5 beers (thanks Jim).

Good night!

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