Friday, June 1, 2007

Rodeo Day 4

As we packed to head home, it finally started to rain in South Bend. Plan was to drop me off at a stream named after swimming creature. Wool and Jb would go home at that point.

Stream was amazing, Boulder everywhere, some wood, and plenty of deep holes.

Found out I was more fried than I thought and was initially excited at chance at more hawgs but not really able to put out the effort. It rained off an on hard so I had to seek frogg toggs and shelter. Midstream boulder everywhere to fish. Riffles followed by huge deep pools with good current floating through them. Nice intact banks.

Fish completely ignored popper that worked all weekend up north.

Oh well, caught one on black wolkabuzz and one on a crank with one goog. Had about 5 fish swing wildly at Wolka Buzz. Enjoyed the scenery and powered my yak off a low head dam . Got about 2 gallons of water in the cockpit, but was fun.

Stopped and talked to a guy who lives in an awesome home right there on the creek. He told me a bit about the fishing, so I'm excited to go back.

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