Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dip in the water with Firstrock

John's been begging me to try out a stretch of water he's had limited luck on. We got there around 12:15 or so. Forcast was for 90F, but there were winds aplenty to cool us off.

First area had a good pool then a sort of low head dam made of enormous boulders. John told me the first pool is where he landed a 17"er a week ago. It looked like it got a lot of pressure there. Water was a greenish white.

Got a couple strikes on a tube down from the dam. Bent my EWG hook out a bit and did well on hookups from there on. The stream had surprisingly little wood as flooding this spring had probably left it up on the bank.

We tried Wolkabuzzes, tubes, misc plastics, and then a small silver crankbait before we caught any fish. One dink SMB and 2 Googs I caught out of the pushwater area. This was not looking good. Ran into a couple of other fishermen and I was starting to have my suspicions. But there was plenty more water to try out.

Stream had easy access via nearby parallel roads, bridges, and the fact there was shore to walk along it many times.

John caught a smallie on a WBZ, I got another dink SMB and LMB on crank when John had to return to his car around 4pm. Nothing but dinks. I told him I'd go a couple miles further in the hunt for better smallies and evening bite.

There where many riffles followed by shallow runs- which fish could easily be picked out of by meathawgs. I saw multiple Y stick stations and left RELEASE BASS messages in the sand. Plenty of minnow and craws and larger jet black fry 1" long who appeared to be going after smaller minnows already!

Fishing did start to pick up, but I also ran into more houses on the water downstream when I thought I was headed to farmland. I ended up with 11 bass and 3 googs. Mixture of tubes, cranks, and WBZ. Biggest 2 went 14.5", after that maybe 11".

Habitat looked great, but with so much easy access, the area is clearly fished. I'd head far south of that put in if I thought about it again.

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