Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wade 6/9 and 610

Got out for a short dip Saturday morning. Had a fish come off the crank, then another meduim size fish miss the hooks on my new Lucky Craft splash tail 90. I was trying to get the feel for this 4" topwater with front/rear propellors so I didn't work much plastic. Saw a couple of carp in the current just above push water. Thought I spooked them as they swam towards the top of the island I was standing on. Something swirled up there, so I tossed a WolkaBuzz- slam 17.25" SMB that had been caught before and released due to gash in lip.

A few minutes later I had an even bigger fish swipe at the WB amd come up empty-saw only a huge head- an aborted run or complete whiff. I looked after to see he would have been in only 18" of water.

Played around with a 4" white grub a bit, when I got a solid thunk and was rewarded with a nice 15"er.

Ended up with 6 SMB in about 4 hours- not great- would have been more acceptable if a couple of decent fish had struck a hair closer to a hook.

Got out today at the crack of dawn to try a stretch I've been wondering about since the first time I saw it.

Saw minnow play down from a riffle near current. Tossed the Splashtail 90 in there and a fished missed it, next strike a 15"er slammed the heck out of it and came to hand, then a 14" and a 12". Nice.

Waded upstream picked up a couple on push water with Wolkabuzz and some on tubes. Had a huge Gar follow the SPT 90 and chop at it- no hooks. Then I had another big fish blow up at it. I started pitching a tube in there. 3 straight 14"ers - then a spot on 4 casts.

The nice hole I was headed for produced a whale of a swat at the SPT 90. I saw the fish- it was big. No hooks.

There were gar in this stream like suckers are in others, throughout the day I'd play with them. Had one hooked for a nanosecond- Twice I set hooks on what I thought were smallies only to see my tube cut in half!

Caught a couple of 10" smb then hooked something bigger- turned out to be a 15" Spot that had a large craw in its gullet. It was fat like a bluegill and groutesque!

Ended up with 20 bass: 17 SMB and 3 spots in 5.5 hours. 50/50 tube/topwater. About a dozen fish 14-15" but no real mean fish. About a third of the fish had been caught before. Had a half dozen encounters with gar striking lures and saw a couple dozen during the day- languishing in 4" of water, behind midstream bolders, etc..

Not even a look at the popper that was succesful up north on Smalliedawg's waters

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